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Bras, part 1: The workshop

Monday, June 05, 2006

My name is Beth, and I have never had a bra that fits. But I do now!!!

(I'll show you some pictures tomorrow--only of my bras. I solemnly promised that I would not put the workshop photos on the web!)

After a nerve-wracking drive and being unable to find my hotel, I wasn't holding out much hope for a successful weekend. My internet directions had me turning left where I should have turned right. Between that and the traffic, I was later than I wanted to be. I had intended to check into the hotel early, have a rest and freshen up before heading up the street to the workshop. As it was I checked in, put my stuff in my room, and raced to the other hotel for the workshop. It could have been much worse...

When I walked into the workshop, the first thing we did was try on bras! Everyone had a test bra to try on, based on the measurements and RTW bra "problems" you had sent in ahead of time. I was sure that the bra Anne handed me had to be a mistake--it was 2 cup sizes larger than anything I had ever even tried before.

Listening to the ladies around me, I wasn't the only one. Most of us had bigger cups than we would have picked up in the store. Once you had your fitting bra on, Anne checked to see if the size was correct. If not, she gave you a different one to try.

This was pure genius and made certain we wouldn't sew up the wrong size.

Her first guess about my proper size was correct, and we only had to go down an inch in the band size. (I'm not convinced that I would wear this size in anyone else's bra, either RTW or pattern. But I don't have to worry about that now, do I?)

Friday night's lecture was about sewing lingerie, and we got to see a number of garments made up. We learned about using lace and various other lingerie fabrics. After that, she explained about measuring for bras, and why the style we were sewing *would* work, despite our fears that we really *needed* the one-piece molded cups. The question and answer session went on for quite some time, and my mind was saturated by the time we left.

On Saturday, each of us spent the entire day making one bra. There was no trying the bra on until the end. I kept holding up those cups and shaking my head--it could never work.

When the first lady finished her bra and put it one, we were all cheering. Her bra was lovely. Mine, when I finally finished at 5:30 pm, was lovely, too. The one I made Sunday afternoon was even lovelier.

Vicky can keep her Secrets from now on!

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*stands and cheers*


Now I need to find out when I can find one of these workshops in a venue near me... ;)

Um, were you late coming home? :D

Posted by Lisa Laree at June 5, 2006 10:37 AM