Project #1: Velour Cardigan

Cardigan #2:  Side front

Presenting my first completed project for 2011: a black velour cardigan!

This was easier to finish than the pants–I needed couch time for the hemming, so it gets the honor of being first.  The cardigan is made from Simplicity 2474 with a modified sleeve.

I love the sleeve length as presented by the pattern, but for this fabric and this time of year they needed to be long.

To get the hem width and the length, I placed the Simplicity sleeve over the long sleeve from McCall’s 5978 and traced a new sleeve pattern.  I made it a tiny bit wider at the hem to be sure that I could accommodate the pleating on the dress’ sleeve.

This looks great with both my dress and my new pants, so I’m sure I’ll wear it a lot while the weather is cool.

I’ve put up a review with a few more details at

Simplicity 2474, dress

Simplicity 2474 dress, early

This dress is super-easy.  Once I get the pattern adjusted, it will be super-quick, too.  When I did my tissue fit, I made a  few alterations:

  • Adjusted front bodice to meet my center front.
  • Shortened 1/2″ above the waist all round
  • Eliminated the center front seam for this print fabric
  • Added 1.25″ to get the hemline down to my knee
  • Cut along the size 14 line from just below the waistline to the hem.

There are a few fitting corrections that didn’t show up in my tissue-fit. For one thing, the bust darts need more uptake (?).  I think that’s the way to describe it.  Think of wrapping a box making deeper folds on the side to get the paper to lay flat.  That’s what I’m having to do to these darts, which are pinned in this photo.

I ought to take a photo before and after I sew them.  Good idea!  I think I shall.

I also need to rip the side seams and trim the sides below the hip.  My extra hip room was not necessary.  Yes, I could just resew the seam, but I want to get it right–straight line, as designed and all that.  So I’ll take out the seam and re-cut according to the size 12 cutting line in the skirt area.

The sleeve hems and neckline are finished with a bias application that is sewn, turned, and top-stitched.  This fabric is too bulky to use self-bias, so I’m hoping to get to the store (today!) for some bias tape to finish that.

So far I’m very happy with this dress.  With a fluid fabric it hangs close to the body and, IMO, looks much better than the pattern photo.