Needs buttons

Needs Buttons

A plain coat like this should be a real workhorse in my wardrobe.  I’ve acquired a number of colorful scarves this season, and I know I can dress it up with some of those.  When I get to town this week, I’ll pick up some buttons.  I’ll try to find something traditional that won’t fight with colorful accessories.

Tonight I’m cleaning up the mess and hope to vacuum tomorrow.  I  really like to start the next project with a clean floor!

Ottobre has the cutest pockets!

Project: Ms Marple Coat
Pattern: Ottobre Woman, 2/2008 #15
Size: 40
Fabric: Yarn-dyed cotton

My coat is coming along marvelously! Tonight I’m working on the lining and tomorrow should see it finished.  The cotton fabric is nice to work with, though I can’t say the same for the lining–it’s tries to crawl away even as I’m sewing it.

The pockets are quite fun.  On paper they are just patch pockets with rounded bottoms.  When you sew them you discover the little drawstring ties that cinch them up to fit the placement lines on the coat.

Front and back Pinned in place

(Click either to go to Flickr and see them bigger.)

From a distance the coat looks plain gray and I’m sewing with the same steel gray thread that I used for my last pants.  It should go with everything I own.

It will be a nice display for some of my vintages brooches, I’m thinking.


FNSI + Saturday

I can’t brag too much about my accomplishments at the Friday Night Sew In.  Given my late start, I only managed to cut the front, back, facing and collar of my new coat before being forced to turn in.

Today I finished  the cutting–shell, lining, interfacing and all!

Here are the fabrics:

Yarn-dyed plaid Lining

To give you an idea of scale, the plaid squares are about 1/4″ and the lining repeat is about 15 inches.  I bought the lining at Gail K’s in Atlanta last December, expecting to use it line another coat I’ve got in the back of my mind.

The fabric, having a mind of its own,  wanted instead to line this one.  I think it was the aqua color the sold me.  It picks up something in the plaid.

When I’m done with this post, I think I’ll get out the ironing press and get started fusing  the interfacing.  That will leave me ready to sew tomorrow.

Provided I can quit playing Bingo on Facebook… :rolleyes:


Slow start to the FNSI

The Friday Night Sew In isn’t getting off to the stellar start I had anticipated.  Mr H turned his nose up at the quick dinner of frozen ravioli and salad I had planned.

Yeah, well, I was gonna cook it before I served it…sigh…

Funny how a man whose speech is limited to a few words (and who, incidentally, cannot cook, or drive himself to Burger King)  can let me know in no uncertain terms that while he will eat it if that’s what I really want, he’d rather I spent some quality time over a hot stove prior to serving dinner.

So sweetheart that I am, I put some ham, candied sweet potatoes, stewed squash and cake on the table as fast as I could get it together.  He actually acted surprised (and pleased) when he came to the table.  (He knows how to keep himself out of trouble, I think.)

Finally I’m ready to get the fun stuff, and I believe I’ve earned my sewing time tonight!

What’ll it be this time?  Outerwear.  Lightweight outerwear–the kind you need in Georgia in the fall.  I’ve decided on the Ottobre Woman Ms Marple coat from the 2/2008 issue, #15.  I’ve got the pattern traced and plan to use a heavy plaid cotton that I bought last winter.  There are a couple of lining choices in the stash so I’ll have to let you know which one I decide to use.

If I get crackin, I just might get it all cut before I turn into a pumpkin tonight.