January 2011 in Review

Seven projects for January! Not too slouchy. I’m very happy with all of them and may repeat several.

Black Velour Cardigan with long sleeves 1. Black Velour Cardigan from Simplicity 2474 with modified sleeve.
Pressing creases 2. Black and gray nail head pants from modified McCall’s 6211.
Side Front 3. Holiday jacket from Butterick 5399.
Kindle Sleeve 4. Kindle Sleeve designed by my inner engineer.
Clear pouches 5. Clear pouches for Mr H’s personal use.
Skirt 6. Long skirt sewn from Folkwear 232–Wall Street Blouse and Skirt
Side Front 7. Blouse sewn from Folkwear 232–Wall Street Blouse and Skirt

That worked.

Loose fit

Something about this photo makes me dizzy, but I think you can see that my shoulder alteration worked.  I think you can also see a likely reason why it worked–the loose fit.

shron asked about the sleeve cap height.  Yes, that could have been a problem.  I was lucky that it all worked out.  There are a few flat cap pulls, but they exist on the model photo, too.  (I started to snitch it, but I’ll just link– Click here to see the model photo. )

The cap on this pattern is almost bulbous.  It amazed me that it fit in the armhole so easily.  Then it stretched up to my new shoulder line without a bit of problem.

Blouse Pattern pieces

If I ever make this again, I’ll do a narrow shoulder alteration before I start.  I like Sandra Betzina’s template method that doesn’t affect the armhole.

I’ll show you a finished photo on Monday–in the event that I get out of the attic long enough to install the buttons and buttonholes this weekend!

About that long shoulder

On Monday I showed you a photo of the shoulders on my new Folkwear 232 blouse and pointed out that they were about an inch too long.  I have started on my planned fix and sincerely hope it works out!

I started by marking my shoulder point with a pin while wearing the blouse.

Marked shoulder point

Next, I ripped out the cap seam.  I estimated how much length it would take to taper the seam from the new point down to the original seamline.

Rip out sleeve cap

Here it is all ripped out.  Note that I originally checked the fit prior to finishing the seam!  (Thank goodness!!)

Open cap

Next, I pulled the sleeve cap up to the point where the seam should be and pinned it in place.  I left the original pin so that I would have that reference should I need it.

Pull cap up to correct shoulder point

Here is the cap pinned in place.  It looks good on Brunhilde, but I plan to try it on myself before I sew it.  If I like what I see, I’ll pin the seam allowances and stitch.

Pin in place

If I don’t like what I see, I’ll come up with a plan B.  I hope plan B won’t include a trash can.


Folkwear 232 Blouse-in-progress

High collar

The blouse is a fun project despite the slippery rayon challis fabric. There are some unusual construction techniques that have kept this interesting.  The loosely rolled cuffs, the waistline elastic, and the high collar have all required me to pay close attention to the instructions.

Fortunately the instructions have been clear and correct.

The sleeves went in perfectly–no puckers, no worries at all.  The only problem is that the front shoulder length is way too long.  I could tell before I put the sleeves in that it would be a little too long, but I wasn’t expecting quite this much.

The envelope drawing shows the seams right at the edge of the shoulder.  In the spirit of being true to the style, I’ve marked where  I think my shoulder seams *should* be.  I don’t know if you can see the pins at the shoulders, but the difference is significant.

I’ll have to fix that before I can call this finished.