Three stores and no belt.


I hate it when I know what I want, but I can’t find it. I want a simple raffia or woven neutral belt with a same-color buckle. Do you think I could find that?


I trudged in and out of three stores. My knee was creaky. My new shoes were hurting my feet. Hancock’s was just down the way. I went in to see what they had and came out with some belting, trim and a buckle to play with. These:

Belt materials

It may not work with the dress–I haven’t had time to even hold it next to the dress at this point. I like the materials, though, and I’ve got some more ideas for belts if it doesn’t work out.

When looking for a display of Wright’s buckles on-line, I discovered some free patterns on the Wright’s classroom site. There’s a nice crocheted belt pattern that may work for my dress, if this doesn’t. That’ll be slow, my crochet skills are very rusty, but I can do it.

During my search, I realized that belt findings could be harvested off clearance or thrift store belts. Many of the belts in the stores would be easy to make if you have a buckle. My sewing machine will make eyelets, or I could apply them with a tool.

I did find one RTW belt that may have worked with some alterations. It was a cotton braided belt on a cheap pair of clearance pants ($7.50). The only trouble was that it closed with D rings, and the section that went through the D was cheap, poorly-sewn suedecloth. I almost bought the set with the intention of replacing the belt’s suedecloth with something else. It seemed a waste, however, to have to alter it, then dispose of the tacky pants that came with it.

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  1. I don’t know why the stores are so full of stuff and one cannot find the most basic sort of thing but that is the rule I am finding to hold true. I told dh the other day it seemed a lot simpler back in the days when the Sears or Montgomery Ward catalogs were huge and you could find anything not available locally. Now we have to take a road trip, walk through mall sized stores and come home empty handed. We used to even have department stores in the small towns where a clerk assisted you in finding what you wanted or would order it. Thank goodness for the internet but the shipping of a small item will cost as much as the item. At least you don’t spend a whole day not finding what you want. Good luck with finding the belt that is perfect for the dress.

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