Almost Perfect Pants, take 2

Almost Perfect Pants Just so you know, I’ve not been fiddling with the bag since last week without accomplishing *anything*! My olive green Almost Perfect Pants were done by Saturday afternoon, and I actually wore them last weekend.

That’s why I had to wait for them to go through the laundry before I could photograph them.

Belt loops were a cause of debate when I reached that point in the sewing process. I’m wearing a lot of belts or belt-substitutes lately, but I haven’t yet needed loops for them. I finally decided that belt loops would almost force me to wear a belt and they’d show if I wore the pants with a top on the outside.

So, no loops.

Oh! A funny thing that ties in with some of the topics I’ve read on the sewing boards lately:

I’ve commented before on the running dialogue that Mr H and I have on the way to work and home most days. Usually it is about the dress of people along the street. Today we were stopped behind a bus and some students were getting off and crossing the street. A gorgeous female student with a perfect figure wearing snug jeans and one of those baby doll tops walked in front of the car.

I was thinking “She sure has pretty hair” when Mr H said “I don’t know why a girl would want to dress in a top that makes her look pregnant.”

I told him that many in the sewing community felt the same way–at least those of us who’ve seen it before. It’s nice when Mr H and I and the sewing community can all agree!

One thought on “Almost Perfect Pants, take 2

  1. Fashion now is all about wearing what looks shocking I think. I saw a designer the other day on tv showing an outfit he designed that had pants that he referred to as flood pants. And here we are worried about having them the right length. Pregnant folks don’t wear maternity clothes like the rest of the folks are wearing now. Oh no they are wearing form fitting lycra tee shirts so they can show off the pregnancy. Life and fashion can be confusing these days.
    I like your new pants. Another reminder I have not traced and started working on pants muslins!

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