Desiree' is getting a sweater

When I’m too tired to get up to the sewing room, I lounge on the sofa and watch TV with Mr H. Since I am unable to sit perfectly still, I’m usually also looking at a book, making a list, or knitting or something. This week, Desire√© has been the beneficiary of my restlessness.

Des wanted a cotton sweater to wear when she walks on the beach, so I’ve been working on it. It will be short sleeved–just long enough to cover the edge of her painted skin. When I’m done knitting the sleeves, I’ll sew it all together in place, since I don’t think there’s any way to pull a garment over her hair.

I’m almost finished with the body. You can see the tiny double-pointed knitting needle behind her. That’s where I quit knitting in the round and separated the front. It should take about ten minutes to finish that. I haven’t thought about the sleeves much, but there shouldn’t be a great deal of work involved in those.

A friend suggested that she wear a peasant blouse and floral skirt, like photos we might see of a West Indian. I thought about it, but I just can’t get past her being totally American.

Americans wear cotton sweaters, capris, and flip flops. If they are feeling dreamy, they might wear a long floral skirt. If they’re feeling exotic they might wear anything, but the character that inspired this doll doesn’t wear exotic or dreamy.¬† I’m really pressing my luck to get her to wear a white, rather than black, sweater.

Oh well. I’ll have to wait and see what Des thinks after she gets her sweater. I hope she won’t want jeans and sneakers. Those toes are too cute to cover up.