Brown Corduroy Pants

V3 Turtleneck


  • Garment Type=Pants
  • Style=Slacks
  • Waistline=Contoured
  • Front Darts=2
  • Back Darts=2
  • Pant leg Cut=Slim Cut
  • Front Crotch Curve=J Shaped
  • Back Crotch Curve=J Shaped
  • Back Crotch=Wild Cut
  • Inseam Length=30
  • Finished Hem Circumference=18
  • Waistband width=1
  • Knee Width=0
  • Crotch Ease=0.5
  • Buttocks=More
  • Abdomen=Least
  • Integrated Pocket Style=Western
  • Integrated Pocket Opening=3.5
  • Integrated Pocket Depth=3.75
  • Front Dart Length=2.75
  • Back Dart Length=5.5
  • Chest Ease=2
  • Waist Ease=0.5″
  • Hip Ease=2

Changes in PE

  • Rotated cf seam slightly to make it more on grain
  • Joined fly piece to main front

Everything Else

The new Wild Cut saves me a lot of time in PE. These pants are the best yet! The contour waistband and wild cut fit great. The only problem with these pants is that I forgot to cut the waistband long enough to accomodate the fly shield that I always add to a Betzina-style fly. These are not pants for “fat days.” :-o

I used some of my menswear-style trouser hooks on these, which was a learning experience. You have to put these 4-part hooks on before you assemble the waistband. They are very nice and are holding up very well.