Quality Time with Nancy

If you’re like me, you get just about every sewing/pattern/accessory catalog known to sewingkind. Most of the time I simply recyle them without ever cracking the seals. I am, after all, an Internet-savvy sewing woman perfectly capable of using a search engine to find what I need.

There are times, however, when I find something I didn’t know I needed!

Take last night, for instance. After I sewed on my Kwik Sew 3363 pants for as long as I wanted to (I finished the fronts), I ambled downstairs to join Mr H in front of the TV. The Naked Archaeologist was on, which I like, but that doesn’t take all my attention.

The latest Nancy’s Notions catalog, featuring my new jacket pattern, happened to be nearby.

Now it takes two or three trips through that catalog to get familiar with some of the stuff in there. But without too much trouble I found *several* things that I might need. Nancy has some interesting basic fabrics in there, for one thing. For another, she has some interesting independent patterns made up in those fabrics. Hmm. That Cuddle-Up Cardigan from Favorite Things looks really nice made up in go-to-work fabrics. I also love the Sweet Little Jacket from Dana Marie Design Company. So.

Cute and easy and goes to work. These two patterns moved immediately onto my need-it-now (right now) list.

Not having patience to order via the US Mail and wait coming and going, this morning I cranked up my web browser, pointed it at Nancy’s website and proceeded to put those two patterns into my shopping cart. When I got to checkout, it plunked a $5.99 charge for shipping on top of the $20+ that the patterns cost.

I don’t think so.

Not for 2 patterns.

Favorite things wanted $1.50 to ship the cardigan pattern (and they take Paypal), so I let them. Dana Marie wanted $5.95 to ship her pattern to Georgia, so I moved on. Finally I reached Bullard Designs (I like Bobbi) and they promised to ship the Sweet Little Jacket for $2.25 or less, so I committed to that one too.

Now we wait. (But we do *not* pick up that catalog again. Perhaps I should ask Mr H to put it in the recycling bin before I get home.)