Listening to Lori

I know you don’t think for one minute that I spent the whole camping trip without sewing anything, despite my lack of a working sewing machine.¬† In fact, I enjoyed a little armchair fashion sewing while cleaning the Featherweight besides the doll project I worked on later.¬†

Lori’s Sew Forth Now podcast got me more inspired than ever to work on my fall sewing.¬† I listened to episodes 9.5, 10 and 11 all while busily working on the Featherweight.¬† Beyond educating me with her own podcast, she piqued my interest in a few new-to-me podcasts put out by others.¬† Late yesterday I cranked up iTunes and went in search of Stacy and Clinton’s What not to wear: Trends.¬† While I was there, I also found Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style and Style Tips from the Style channel.¬† There are a ton of style and fashion podcasts out there, but I’ll start with those and see if I want more.

My podcast listening is mainly done while riding the bus around campus or sewing, and then only if I don’t have a book to listen to.¬† I can listen in the car, but seldom have a chunk of time there–it being only 6 miles home, and Mr H doesn’t want to listen to sewing or fashion on the radio.

I don’t know how I’ll deal with video podcasts.¬† Perhaps I can work that in on the bus, or in waiting rooms.