Scuba Knit

Back in July I bought a-yard-and-a-half of Scuba knit from Needle Nook along with a bunch of bra stuff. This is interesting fabric. It’s thinnish, double-knit-ish, and pure plastic, of course. I believe Anne said that it replaces Ponte double-knit. I know it’s nicer than that stuff.

Since I really want to sew something and my serger is *still* in the shop, I remembered that piece of scuba knit. Then I recalled the way my Mom taught me to sew, back in the day when double-knit was queen. You just sewed the seam, pressed it open, and moved on to the next one.

That’s all. No finish required. Sew-press-sew-press. Double-knit does not ravel.

I’ll bet some of those pants my Mom made are still in pristine condition somewhere. She might have worn them a bazillion times, and they might have unfinished seams, but even now they would look as good as the day they rolled off the sewing machine. Of course her pants might have long since been recycled into soda bottles, and then back into polar fleece. That fleece jacket I made last winter might have some of Mom’s old double-knit pants in them!

Where was I??

Oh yes, the scuba knit. It should be a fantastic travel fabric. It is firm, has a nice smooth finish and hangs really nicely. I decided that I should attempt some longish gauchos out of my yard-and-a-half. If I didn’t like the way things went, I could always lay them aside until the serger comes back from its round-the-world-cruise.

For the marjority of the seams, I used a 1.5mmx1.5mm zig-zag stitch. This is the same stitch I use on my panties. It’s stretchy but will press open and lay flat. For the hem, I used a 4.0mm (?!?) twin needle straight stitch. I’ll have to say, they turned out great. It’s a little odd to look inside them and see all the raw edges, but I got a little sewing “fix” to go on.

My fingers are crossed that the serger will come home tomorrow.