Number mumbley mumble

Back home and tired. That doesn’t change the fact that my employer wants me in the office catching up on stuff. I had a nice trip, so that’s always good. I’ve got some sewing planned for the weekend, but first let me tell you about my new sewing machine!

Isn’t it beautiful???

Front of the Franklin Rotary before cleanup

Mom & Dad found this electric Franklin Rotary at a yardsale and brought it home for me. It’s got a box of top-clamping feet, some bobbins, and a few attachments for me to play with. The coolest thing about it that I’ve discovered thus far is the friction drive that you can see in this photo of the back:

Back of the Franklin Rotary before cleanup

I don’t know if this was a converted treadle, or if they sold an electric with the same treadle-style handwheel. Obviously some research is in order!

See you Monday!

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