Deconstructed Twinset

A few months back, I bought several colors of a rayon jersey from
a Ressy coop
. When I ordered, I didn’t realize just how thin this stuff was. I initially thought it only suitable for underwear and made panties from it. My serger was in the shop then, so I sewed my seams with a narrow zig-zag.

I learned a lot from those panties about how the fabric reacted with washing and wearing. I saw how those cute zig-zag seams were rolling up over time, too.

I needed some layerable tops, so I looked again at the rayon. Could it be a twinset??

finished Robin's egg blue rayon twinset Robin's egg blue rayon camisole

The way the seam allowances curled up with washing was too nice to hide. How about exposed raw edges so that everyone could enjoy the nice curl? I cut some cross-grain strips and sewed them on the front of the camisole with the same narrow zig-zag that I used on the panties:

1 inch strips for the front of the camisole

Then I finished the neckline and armholes with more cross-grain strips, raw edge outward. Brunhilde wore the camisole while I worked on the cardigan:

camisole before washing

I used the same binding treatment for the neck edges of the cardigan. It is stitched neatly on the inside and rolled to the outside. The raw edge is left exposed to curl with washing. Speaking of washing, you can see close-up how it came out on the cardigan:

Robin's egg blue rayon twinset

I hemmed the cardigan sleeves and the bottom of the camisole in the usual way. The hem of the cardigan proper wanted to be different. I had a few more of the 1 inch strips that I had sewn to the camisole, so I stitched them around the lower edge of the cardigan and let them curl too!

Robin's egg blue rayon twinset

Imagine my surprise when I later walked into the laundry room and discovered some of the Sprout’s new tops. They had very similar construction.

I am actually with it for a change!

6 thoughts on “Deconstructed Twinset

  1. This is an interesting idea. Like Debbie I may have to incorporate this into one of my sewing projects.

  2. Beth,
    Do you the comments are showing as “0” even though you do have some? I thought mine had been eaten and clicked to comment again and then was surprised to see it still there. Just thought I’d mention it …

  3. Thanks!

    I don’t know what the deal with my comments is. I’ve noticed that before. It may have to do with my hosting my blog on my own webspace, rather than at blogspot.

    Debbie, I take your stealing *my* stuff as the www’s highest compliment!

  4. Glad to have found you Beth. This is such a great and easy idea for embellishment – thanks!

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