1. Linda

    This is an interesting idea. Like Debbie I may have to incorporate this into one of my sewing projects.

  2. Debbie Cook

    Do you the comments are showing as “0” even though you do have some? I thought mine had been eaten and clicked to comment again and then was surprised to see it still there. Just thought I’d mention it …

  3. Debbie Cook

    I *love* this Beth!! (And, ahem, I’m stealing the idea for myself!)

  4. Beth H


    I don’t know what the deal with my comments is. I’ve noticed that before. It may have to do with my hosting my blog on my own webspace, rather than at blogspot.

    Debbie, I take your stealing *my* stuff as the www’s highest compliment!

  5. Mary T

    Glad to have found you Beth. This is such a great and easy idea for embellishment – thanks!

  6. Anonymous

    Beth, that is a fantastic twinset.

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