Brown Interlock Top

Brown Interlock top

I hate photos with no head, too. Trust me on this. It was *awful* and this was the best of the lot. That’s what happens when you quickly take photos before daylight with a tripod. Oh well.

This is the interlock top that I mentioned a few weeks ago and is similar to Vogue 8323 that I first saw at Sew Random. I really like it and plan to sew at least two more.

I drafted with no ease in Patternmaster, then scaled the draft to 95% horizontally in Pattern Editor. It’s darn near perfect for this interlock.

The other thing I did in Pattern Editor was to slide the sleeve cap forward a quarter inch and true the seam lines. I’ve posted about that before, and it solves my problem with the sleeve caps without fiddling with my measurements and raising/lowering the cap height. I wish I could permanently imprint that on my memory so that I won’t forget again, ’cause it works great for me!

Artist's rendering <gg>

You’ll see one slight difference in my drawing and my actual finished top: the horizontal seam underneath the bust. I didn’t have enough fabric to cut that in one piece. So it’s become a Design Element.

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2 thoughts on “Brown Interlock Top

  1. I just got through making Vogue 8323, view B. It was a good top to sew and I had to make my usual adjustments. I was waiting to see your results with PMB. I need to go back start using PMB more, it would be cheaper for me.

  2. This looks good, Beth! I love your ‘design element’!

    I haven’t taken my pattern out of the envelope yet…

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