A Snazzy Christmas Apron

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Inspired by the many aprons that have been reviewed on PatternReview lately, I decided to make myself a new one for Christmas. There are a few apron patterns in my box–none of them the all-the-rage Butterick 4945. While I like all of my patterns, none of them had *everything* my Christmas apron needed. After due consideration, I chose to draft my new apron with PatternMaster in order to combine my favorite apron attributes into a single garment.

My favorite apron was made from the oop Simplicity 9143, and I like most everything about it. For this one, though, I wanted a smooth line instead of the gathers. A princess seam would be flattering and could allow for a flaring hem. I still wanted to use the pullover styling (no neck ties) and sashes like 9143. Of course, I *had to have* a flounce like the oft reviewed Butterick 4945.

My initial draft in PMB was of a knee-length, shoulder princess, sweetheart neckline sheath. I made so many changes with Pattern Editor that I shudder to think of trying to write them all here. I recall shortening the pattern, eliminating the center back piece, shortening, joining the skirts to get the curve, separating the skirts, and on and on. Here’s what my final pattern looked like:

Christmas Apron Pattern

The pockets were cut from plain paper after the apron was done. I started with a shape I thought I would like and cut until it looked just right. I also made a bodice pocket, but didn’t like it after I had it ready to go onto the front.

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  1. I love this! The neckline, the shape, the color combination – everything about it is fantastic! That will be a fun apron to wear while preparing Christmas dinner.

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