“I’ve been miss-ing you-oooo!”

a Christmas decoration

The relatives are all gone. The decorations are all down and boxed. My Christmas iPod is all finger-printy.

It was a lot of fun, but I’m ready to return to what passes for normalcy around here. Heck, I’m even *almost* ready to go back to work!

Mr H and I are still trying to deal with the remains of 4 pies, 3 cakes, a trifle, and innumerable candies that the (evil) relatives left here.

The trifle has already gone to the great dumpster in the sky. I finished off the coconut pie about an hour ago. The 12 layer chocolate cake is almost gone. The fruitcake was gone on Wednesday. The candies are going to the office on Tuesday to tempt the student workers. Most of the rest will have to join the trifle.

Can you imagine what my cholesterol levels will be in January when I go for my lab work??

Let’s not even discuss belly fat.

In my wonderfully-clean sewing room today, I started work on a pair of lined wool slacks. After that, I want to make a scarf from Amy Butler’s free bias scarf pattern.