As 2006 draws to a close

It was a good year, eh?

For sewing, at any rate.

Inspired by another blog I read, I counted up my completed sewing projects and came up with a total of 97 finished projects of one kind or another. There were probably a few that I forgot to enter, and a couple that hit the circular file–but I don’t consciously keep track of those.

My motto with sewing boo-boos is “Gone is forgotten!”

Only the lessons learned remain.

My sewing skills definitely improved during 2006. I know lots more about constructing mens’ shirts and feel confident that I can turn out a nice one for Mr H given time and quality materials. My personal fitting skills grew by leaps and bounds, too. I can finally deal nicely with both my rounded backside and my high round back.

Then there were the bras.

Without a doubt 2006 was the year of the bra for me. I don’t think that there is anything easier and more dazzling to make than a bra! After all, how many of your friends make their own bras?? How many of them can have the pick of any fabric, or any lace they choose for their intimate apparel. I haven’t worn a RTW bra since June and hope to forever enjoy the comfort of custom-made!

The great thing about sewing is that even with everything I have already learned, there are still worlds to explore. I’ve only got to make a choice and proceed.

In 2007 I’m thinking of making jeans for myself. My sister tried to help my buy some this past week. (She can’t help that she has no sag back there and doesn’t know how to deal with it…) I think I’ve tried on 47 pairs of RTW jeans in the last 3 days. These were of varying sizes and brands, but I still have no jeans in my closet.

There’s something about knowing that I don’t have to put up with all that fabric bunching under my bum that stops me pulling out the plastic for RTW.

So jeans will more than likely be my next big project. Fortunately there are some pretty great sewing bloggers who’ve posted tips for me to follow.

First, though, there’s a pair of wool slacks upstairs calling me to work on their welt pockets!