FTA, continued

The dress is moving along slowly. It’s as simple as can be, and should be closer to completion than it is. If only I could stop reading the directions!

If I had drafted the thing, I would zoom along, and it would be finished by now. In fact I’d probably be wearing it today. Since Louise Cutting (may I call you Louise?) wrote the directions, I don’t want to miss anything.

I paid $20 for her expertise, so I’m reading carefully.

She has you put plenty of topstitching on the dress, which makes it really nice. I’m slavishly following her suggestion of stitching along the seamline, then a presser foot’s width away. My Bernina is in the shop for its annual service, so I’m sewing on the Singer 401 which doesn’t have nearly as many nifty feet for nice topstitching. (That’s another slowing factor.) The 401 does make just as nice–if not better–stitches, but they are a lot harder to keep straight! (Some of them may not be straight, but I’m not pointing that out to anybody.)

I’ve changed the sewing order some. Mostly, though, I’m doing it exactly the way Louise says. This morning I got up early and sewed on the sleeves so that I could try it on.

I think I’m really gonna like it!

I’ll leave you a photo of our deck addition-in-progress. Mr H surprised me last Friday night by announcing that he was enlarging it by about 300%. Yay!

Deck in progress

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