Farewell To Arms, now closeted

Farewell to Arms, finished Farewell to Arms, finished back

This one’s got to go into the magic closet for a while. Then, it may come out and vanish quickly into the Goodwill truck. Right now I can’t see myself wearing it, but I’ll reserve judgement until later.

Farewell to Arms, finishedI had fun making it and will review at PatternReview soon. Other people need to see what they are getting into with this. It’s really nice to have photos of real people wearing these designer patterns if you are considering sewing one.

The line drawing, while giving me a good idea of what to expect, didn’t really drive home the sack look of this garment.

My stamping on this dress turned into stenciling, which was a blast. I had purchased a couple of Linea by DMC stencils on clearance a few weeks ago. They are (apparently) designed to penciled onto fabric then stitched. I’ve gotta say, they work pretty well with paint!

The paints were the same ones I used on my stamping projects, and I applied them with the same bit of upholstery foam. I had to be a little careful about the paint bleeding through. Thank heavens I practiced on scraps, so I knew that ahead of time!

You’d be surprised how many different elements you can get out of one stencil sheet.

I used three areas of the same stencil for different effect. The lower portion of the stencil was my main motif, but I was able to tape off various areas to get something that looked entirely different. In the photo where I’m leaning toward the camera, you may be able to make out the section that looks like a brooch. That was the ends of two of the motifs. Then, I took half of that, which looks something like a heart, and put it on the collar.

Of course I used the full motif, as-designed, several times.

Farewell to Arms, finished

When I review this at PatternReview, I’ll put a link in here. There were several alterations that need to be considered on this dress–especially if you are built like me. I missed one of them, and boy am I sorry now!

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7 thoughts on “Farewell To Arms, now closeted

  1. Well, since you said it first, I’ll agree – you can’t wear this dress. It’s not flattering at all. But you did put a lot of time into it. What about cutting it down into a short jacket? Recut the the skirt into a more flattering separate skirt. You have a lovely and flattering wardrobe and this doesn’t belong! Don’t you hate it when the pattern diagrams are so misleading? One reason I don’t sew so much anymore. It’s even worse for short people – I think they design for a woman with 5′ of legs and no hips! I do love the painting you did on this so it would be really nice to salvage this into something you would enjoy wearing.

  2. I agree; make it into a jacket. You can cut it just below the skirt seam, and have a little “peplum” effect going on…it makes a great throw-it-over-jeans type jacket. I’d also consider shortening the sleeves….you can use the same closure technique on a shorter sleeve (try a 3/4 length) to bring in some of the fullness.
    I have this pattern, and made it into a top. The proportions are okay for me (I’m tall), but they can be overwhelming for some figures.

  3. Actually, it looks better on you than it would on many people, including me. I wonder why designers make patterns like these?

    I had the same thought as vicki and shannon–you might make a top of some sort–jacket or oversized shirt. I really like the color and the stenciling.

  4. oh beth….what can i say….you need to warn everyone about this pattern. i cannot imagine that it would flattering on anyone. it looks like a housecoat.

    on a positive note, the stenciling looks terrific. you have made too many other lovely things to even consider wearing this. looks like you could fit two or three of you in there.

  5. I had a similar experience with the Heading for Adventure duster last year. Love Louise and her engineering, but the rectangular shapes are not flattering to many women at all. Sorry you went through this! The salvage jacket and skirt will be pretty when you are ready to face it again.

  6. My grandmother said if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all! Nonetheless, I have to agree with you, it is not a great looking dress on you. It would not be on me either. I think the suggestion to turn it into a jacket is a good one. But I can tell you someone who shops at Goodwill will probably find this to be a great treasure and hopefully they have the shape to wear it.

  7. Aw-w-w-w-w…..I’m so disappointed! But probably not as much as you are/were.

    I just love Cutting Line Designs and have many of Louise’s patterns – so I am surprised this is so…well…unshapely? Big? Unflattering? I wonder what body type this was designed for.

    No matter….YOU are one excellent seamstress, writer, and designer. I’m anxious to see your next project!

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