Communion banner all done

New communion banner

Sunday afternoon our little merry band of banner-makers met to finish this one off. It’s felt, satin, jute, and some other stuff on canvas.

This time we used Heat ‘n Bond instead of Wonder Under. I liked how it fused onto the individual pieces and didn’t separate from the backing the way that Wonder Under does. Unfortunately it was a bear to fuse onto the canvas.

A press cloth was absolutely required. Without a press cloth, the craft felt just melted. Even with a press cloth it still didn’t fuse very well and I had to zig-zag the edges of each and every piece–except for the grapes and the letters.

Those grapes didn’t want any stitches on them, so we just left their edges raw. Later we may paint around them, but yesterday nobody wanted to risk ruining the thing with a blob of purple paint. That stuff looks really good when it looks good. When it decides to burp out a blob of paint, though, it’s a mess.

The finished banner looks really good, I think. We are definitely progressing with each one we make. Our speed has certainly picked up, and our process has smoothed out a lot.

Just as long as I don’t look up and notice a misspelling from the pew one day. Thank goodness there is a second-grade teacher in our group!