Another hibiscus

I'm still Queen this month
Hibiscus top

The second of my two new tops is this hibiscus one from quilter’s cotton. I like it. It has princess seams and a dress shirt collar. The print obscures all the details, but I like it anyway.

Quilter’s cottons are so joyous that I can seldom resist them, even though they aren’t really designed for clothing.

The fabrics that I bought for Mr H’s new shirts *were* designed for clothing and are much more suitable. Fine, smooth, and tightly woven, they’ll be a few degrees cooler than anything made from quilter’s cotton. Too bad the shirtings are so plain. I would *love* to find some pretty ones.

Northcott’s fine-finished cottons might come close to being pretty enough and smooth enough, but I haven’t actually tried any of them for clothing. Unless that nice, soft pair of pajamas I have is sewn from it. I don’t know who made the fabric, but it did come from Hobby Lobby, who carries Northcott.

Next time you browse through Hobby Lobby, let your fingers glide over some of their cottons. You can tell immediately when you hit one of those special Northcott cottons.

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  1. Thanks, Lois! Even after two weeks, I’m amazed each and every time I look in the mirror.

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