Spring Capsule: Planning

While I wait for the blazing flash of inspiration that will show me what to do with the ugly fabric, I’m starting work on my Spring capsule. Tentatively, the title is “Miss Daisy meets Microsoft” (translated that means “GRITS with a little geek nerd mixed in“).

Initially I planned to use periwinkle, mint, and putty. When all the peri fabrics sprang together and bowled me over, I realized that I might have to rethink that. At this point, of course, I still don’t have all that I’ll need, but it’s a good start. These eight will blend with a lot of the garments in my closet (the 3 or 4 that I can still get into, that is)!

I suggest a warning label for the recumbents:

Do not ride unless you want to buy bigger pants!

But I digress…

The fabrics that I’ve chosen up to now are mostly cottons, which suit summertime here quite well. I’m hoping to choose my complementary colors from the stripe.

Cotton Batik for blouse
Cotton Batik for blouse

Cotton Denim for Jeans-style jacket
Cotton Denim for Jeans-style jacket

Cotton Floral
Cotton Floral for blouse.

Cotton Stripe
Cotton Stripe for blouse

Poly? Floral
Polyester(?) floral for blouse

Lavendar Linen
Lavendar Linen for Skirt or Pants

Periwinkle Twill
Periwinkle Twill

Polyester Geometric
Polyester Geometric for blouse

The batik has already been cut in a style similar to New Look 6407–the view with the short sleeves and mandarin collar.