Spring Yard Work–not Sewing–season

Last week was beautiful, and my sewing is suffering! I did finish my  Sewing Workshop’s Siena Shirt and a pair of linen pants from Vogue 8883. I had wanted to wear them to my Easter family reunion, but couldn’t get them finished with everything going on during Holy Week.

The size S Siena top was indeed too large. The way the pattern is drafted, I was able to cut it down to an XS without any trouble. That gave me the pattern Barbara suggested in the comments–an XS with a S collar.  That worked better, but it’s still wide.  Figure flattery in this shirt definitely comes from the fabric’s drape. If you make this one, choose your fabric carefully.

Another Front

I do like it, but I expect that one will be enough.

Flapping position

The pants, well, so far I am in love!

I sewed the size 14 right out of the envelope, except for adding 1.5″ in length–it needs another half inch to really be long enough. The only other change I made from the pattern was to go back and take in the waist.

Vogue 8883 pants front

This is a trouser-style pant with vertical seams front and back. I suppose you could use those seams to improve the fit in back, but I didn’t need to. It has a centered zipper back there, which I like for a change.

Vogue 8883 pants back

Linen is not one of the suggested fabrics, those are twill, gabardine, or crepe. I want to try it again soon in something more firm. I picked up a couple of twill fabrics yesterday, perhaps I’ll try this with one of them.

I also bought a new pants pattern than Cynthia recommended (thanks!), Butterick 5818.  I want to give that a try very soon.  I’ve had very good luck with the fit of Vogue pants in the last few years, so I’m hoping this Butterick will be a good one for me.

I hear it might rain on Tuesday.  Maybe there will be some sewing!

3 thoughts on “Spring Yard Work–not Sewing–season

  1. The top and pants are great. I agree SW patterns run very large and usually very wide!

    If you like trouser style pants try the Ralph pant from Silhouette. It fit me perfectly right out of the envelope. The only thing I did was add about 1″ to the length. I’m only 5’5″ but they seem to be drafted short.

  2. A really nice pant pattern that I wouldn’t have looked at twice before seeing your make. Pretty outfit; love the blouse print.

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