A top for April

It’s halfway through the month, and I just realized that I had not “declared” a garment for my April MAGAM challenge.  It wasn’t a difficult task to choose one.  I simply went to my list and picked something my closet is lacking.

Here’s what I have, in case you forgot ;-)

  • Tops:  6
  • Skirts: 1
  • Pants: 8
  • Dresses: 4
  • Top layers:  3

I’m up to 22 garments with the addition of my two gray test pants.  My Project 333 experiment is going quite well, and I have enjoyed having only coordinating items to choose from when I dress each day.  So far, two weeks in, I haven’t felt the least bit limited. I haven’t even worn any of the dresses or the skirt at this point–it’s still too cool in the morning when I dress to consider them.

Once the weather warms a bit more, I’ll be retiring my three top layers and I’ll want something lightweight to fill that role. So for April’s MAGAM, I’ll make a top to wear alone or over another top should the need arise.  I’ve chosen The Sewing Workshop’s Siena Shirt from a floral print.

April shirt


The Siena is the cap sleeve shirt shown in pink on the pattern.  I have traced the size S, and am wondering if it will be small enough.  I chose that size because the collar stand for the XS seemed awfully short.  My measurements, of course, would have me in the medium.

I know better than to try that.

We’ll see if the finished top looks as slim as the pattern artwork suggests or if it hangs like a sack. I’m betting on sack, but I saw a finished top at our ASG event on Saturday that was lovely.

We’ll know soon enough!

3 thoughts on “A top for April

  1. I was the one with the Siena shirt on Saturday. I was surprised to discover that I have been following your blog. I agree that you may very likely be happier with the extra small in this pattern. You could still use the small collar piece. I’m looking forward to seeing your finished shirt. Barbara

  2. You are making great progress on your project 333 wardrobe. I hadn’t seen the Siena Shirt pattern before. Both shirts look interesting.

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