Corduroy Pants

Project: Stretch Corduroy Skinny Pants
Pattern: Vogue V8837
Size: M heavily altered
Fabric: Dark Olive Stretch corduroy from Fabric dot com


I admit I was hesitant to attempt this pattern in stretch corduroy….very hesitant to cut into my beautiful soft stretch corduroy that I ordered especially for skinny pants.  My fear stemmed from all that topstitching on the corduroy.  It seemed to me that the topstitching might wobble all over the place, or the wale might, especially if my cutting was a little off grain.

But no.  They are wonderful.

Comfy.  Soft.  Green.

I love them.

Back in December I bought this green and some gray for those two Vogue skinny pants patterns I ordered.  As soon as the fabric came, I ran it though the wash twice to get the shrinkage out.  Since stretch wovens never seem to stop shrinking, I made the pants a bit long and will *try* to let these drip dry.

If Mr H gets to the wash before I do, all bets are off.

I expect I’ll use the gray on the other pattern–Vogue V8859, Marcy Tilton pants.  (I went to Fabric dot com to link you to this specific color, but it is sold out.  Not only that, but the other colors are on clearance.  Hmm.  I may have just enabled myself.)

There were no real surprises with the sewing this time around.  I started by tracing the altered pattern to be sure I had my alterations preserved. There was some effort to eliminate the cuff and put in a hem allowance.  Even so, the back came out an inch longer than the front.

I’ll fix it next time. Maybe.


When I got to the elastic waistband, I attempted to use non-roll elastic from JoAnn’s that was in my elastic box but I couldn’t get it tight enough.  Even after cutting it off shorter and being certain it was right, it was wrong.   The pants are tight enough in the hips that I thought I could live with a loose-ish waistband–especially after I had serged the elastic on and coverstitched it down.


I ripped all that out and installed some nicer elastic that I had in my box.  Then I ordered 20 yards of the good stuff from Fashion Sewing Supply while it’s on sale.

When I coverstitched this time, I remembered to put a “tag” in the back of the pants.  (I had forgotten the first time I sewed in the elastic.  I also forgot to add it on the ponte pair, but I’ll blame that on my long absence from the sewing room.)  I enjoy having something on elastic waistbands to remind me which is the back.  For these I found an unopened package of hem lace in the bottom of my trim box, color of Tango!

Vintage hem tape

I thought the lovely stuff might be new until I noticed the price–50 cents. No definitely not new.  I must have picked it up at a yard sale.  How lucky!  It makes an eye-catching tag, doesn’t it?

Tag in back

I think I’m done with this pattern for the winter, though I’m still toying with thoughts of sewing a denim pair.  I’m thinking that this would work in a plain woven, because I’ve got a generous two inches of ease at the knee.  I don’t know how much ease a knee needs to bend, so I’d need to check that.

Maybe I’ll make it up in muslin…

There are some other projects floating around in the back of my mind, though, so I’ll have to see what hops on the cutting table next.


3 thoughts on “Corduroy Pants

  1. Love the color of these pants too. Another way I mark the back is to zig zag with a different colored thread in the seam allowance.

  2. Love your pants. I mark the back of my pants the same way. When I make them for my grand kids, I embroider their names onto twill tape first, then apply.

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