1. LauraUK

    Just caught up with the fact that you are “up and running” again; it is great to see that you have come up with a winner after such a long break, even if it didn’t feel like second nature to you. It very soon will, best wishes.

  2. Yeah, you sewed! I’m so happy that you were able to do something you love again with such wonderful results. I’ll be standing/reading right here and cheering you on as you get your sewing legs back!

  3. Great new top and perfect first back-to-sewing project.

  4. Yay! You’re sewing again! Personally, the simple tee-shirts are my favorite projects for a quick sewing fix, and yours looks like it will go with lots of wardrobe standards.

  5. Laura

    So glad to see you back, hope Mr. H is doing well too! I went through the same after taking a break — took me a couple of items to get back into the swing of things — been taking another hiatus because of family/housing situation but hopefully the ‘helping’ of daughter & grand-kids through their changes will move on and I can get my machines back out (they just don’t mix well with 2 years old twins — and I lost my sewing room for their sleeping accommodations :) — I am really glad to see you posting again — I love seeing the old Sew4 friends blogging :D

  6. Lynn Berry

    Welcome back to the sewing. Missed your blog, and glad that you had success in your first project. Looking forward to many more!

  7. teri

    It looks great. Can’t wait to see more projects from your new space

  8. Good for you! This is a hopeful start to sewing in 2013!

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