Bernina Happy Dance!

Rustybobn has moved into the 21st century. This morning I purchased a Bernina Virtuosa 155 from my local dealer. She sent out one email too many about her inventory clearance sale that would end at 10:00 this morning. The floor model 155 is now in residence in my sewing room.

I now have a very nice, bazillion-dollar machine to make buttonholes with.

That was the main thing I was looking for. No matter how hard I tried, I simply was never satisfied with my ability to repeat buttonholes on any of my other machines. I tried this one out in the store on a blue jeans leg–over the felled seam–and was satisfied with the result. SOLD.

The other great thing–so far anyway–is the sliding guide thingamajig for the edge of the fabric. (Can you tell I haven’t read the manual yet?) It’s big and nice, and I sure could have used it earlier this week.

Gotta play, bye.