FNSI Report

Project: Molly Monkey
Pattern: Free from mmmcrafts.
Finished size 21″
Fabric: Corduroy, felt

I really had fun on the sew-in this week! Molly Monkey was featured on the Fabric.com blog recently, and I happened to see it during my blog reading. I just had to make her myself.

Printing the pattern was a little strange. There’s no size square so that you know when you’ve printed it properly, so I tried first at 100%. That looked ok and was what I eventually used, but my printer didn’t print some portions of the pattern at that size. I tried two other scaling options, which printed nicely but looked small–usable, but small.

In the end I guessed at the missing lines and drew them in. That worked fine.

Now that I’ve sewn and turned the larger pieces, I’m really glad that I didn’t try to go with one of the options that printed “right.”

During the sew in last night, I made some arms, legs and a tail:

Legs, Arms, Tail

And a body:

Front & back

Made a head:

Face prior to stitching

Embroidered it:


Sewed it all together and turned it inside out:


And came up with a real cutie who’s ready for stuffing:

At the end of the FNSI

I (natch) changed a few things about the pattern and sewing order, so her tail’s not on yet.  I’ll get to that.

You can’t have a monkey without a tail.

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