Project #52: Long sleeved knit dress

Project: Long Sleeved Knit Dress
Pattern: Modified McCall’s M6355
Size: 12 altered
Fabric: Rayon/Poly/Lycra Ponte Roma

It was done by dinnertime, including a trip to town for thread.

Side Front Back

Sure, showing it on Brunhilde is not much better than a hanger shot, but it gives you the idea! Just imagine Brunhilde with 20 pounds of padding. I initially sewed in the front waist darts, but a side view caused me to remove those post haste!

To lengthen the sleeves, I aligned the grainline of my previously altered short sleeve with one of the cutting mat’s vertical lines and put some tracing paper on top. After I traced the sleeve cap, I marked the vertical grainline and the desired length on the tracing paper. Once that was done, I marked the hem circumference and connected the hem line to the end of the sleeve cap.

With the sleeve drawn, I checked the elbow and bicep widths to be sure they weren’t too tight. After that I added a hem allowance and called it done.

The dress took less time to sew than all the prep–drawing the sleeve, buying the thread, and threading three machines.

The neck binding and hems were all done with the coverstitch machine. I don’t use that thing much, but I sure do enjoy it when I do. Thankfully I had marked the binder, so I didn’t have to spend much time getting it aligned properly.

I did something unusual with this dress: I sewed the sleeves in flat. Generally I prefer working with the smallest unit possible, so I always completely finish the sleeves and sew them in round. For some reason, (I had one at the time, but I don’t remember what it was!) I decided to sew these without finishing them first.

They came out fine, and it was fun doing something a bit differently.

While I’m on a roll, I may make another of these in a different color. I’ve got three or four lengths of Ponte Roma to choose from, and I can always use another of these versatile dresses!

4 thoughts on “Project #52: Long sleeved knit dress

  1. that looks really good!
    it will be a real wardrobe staple –
    You inspired me to make one just like it…

  2. Hi Beth! Looks like you’ll be busy tonight for the Friday Night Sew In! Glad you joined in the fun. My DH/babysitter is home sick with the flu so progress is slow now, before I put the wee ones get to bed.

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