1. Polly


    Love this vest. It really fits you. You look terrific in it.

    Question, when you made the back longer, did you slice the middle back pieces and extend them? Then with the side panels, did you create a wedge from the seam attaching to the back pieces over to the side seam? I need to add length just like you did to this vest to a polar fleece jacket I want to make. I have never made a jacket but I am tired of trying to get pants to fit.

    Any chance you could email pictures of your alterations or post on your site? Would really appreciate seeing this alteration.

    Your inner-engineer really knows her stuff!


  2. Mary Pomeroy

    Beth, I really like your vest. It gives an outfit a little extra snap. Seeing yours makes me want to go and sew a few!

  3. Martha Myers

    Very, very nice! I especially like the topstitching.

  4. Great looking vest. The lining creates a little Wow factor. Nicely done.

  5. Beth, the vest is nice, very tailored. I found my way to your website by “googling” “Katrinka” hats. A photo of one of your hats from her patterns guided me here. Unfortunately, she no longer makes the patterns and thus, Judith M has none to sell. Would you consider selling any of the ones you may have?

    Thanks, Linda

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