November 2011 Sewing

A lot of practical sewing happened in November.  Five pairs of much-needed pants are hanging in the closet alongside a new blouse and a vest.  I finished the dark brown pants just in time–I haven’t even blogged about them!

Front 1. Corduroy Jeans sewn from McCall’s 5894
Front, open 2. Twill Vest sewn from McCall’s 5186
Front 3. Twill Slacks sewn from McCall’s 6361
NSS Pants Front 4. Ponte Gym Pants
IMG_1330 5. Retro pants sewn from Simplicity 3688
Twill shirt front 6. Classic women’s shirt sewn from Ottobre Woman 5/2010, #5
Full length 7. Linen Trousers from Simplicity 3688

One thought on “November 2011 Sewing

  1. W-o-w! That’s a wardrobe revolution, there. Must be fun to open your closet and have so many new things to choose from :) Looking forward to reading about your annual Christmas sewing this month too.

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