Project #43: McCall’s 6361 Pants

Project: Misses Pants
Pattern: McCall’s 6361
Size: 12 with alterations
Fabric: Mystery twill

There are no photos. The best image produced by my photo session this morning was this one:

Yeah, well.


We’ll just call it photographic evidence of completed pants and be done with that.  I’m wearing them now, and they are fine if a trifle over-fitted.  That was as-intended–I expect to rid myself of the wedding cake fluff over the next few weeks.

If I don’t, well… I’ll just make bigger pants next time.

This was a remnant of indeterminate fiber content that I had on my shelf.  It is largely polyester, I’m sure, as it doesn’t give or stretch in the slightest.  I believe it came from the “FREE” table at some ASG function or other.

When I picked up the cut waistband facing,  I discovered a missing triangle.  There wasn’t enough fabric to cut another and I didn’t want to use contrast.  So following the example of another blogger (who? naturally I cannot remember), I turned it into a design opportunity:


In the end I added some gold thread and used it to embroider the pattern number.  Fun!


I expect you’ll be seeing this pattern again, made up in something photographable.


4 thoughts on “Project #43: McCall’s 6361 Pants

  1. Hi Beth,
    Would love to know where these pants hit your waist? Right at the waist or below it? I have this pattern but read another review on PR and the poster stated she had problems with the seams lining up – any problems with yours?



  2. Hi Polly,

    Yes, I read that review. I think that reviewer was having a bad day. One of the commenters suggested that she was not including the pocket and I agree. The pattern was fine. I did think (briefly) that the pocket didn’t match the pocket facing, but I realized that I had cut the pocket for the skirt and the facing for the pants–they aren’t the same.

    The waistband comes up to the natural waist. Unlike traditional pants that come up to the waist and then the (straight) waistband sits above it, these employ a contour waistband that stops just at the waist. I’m kinda “meh” about that, but that’s probably my age speaking.

    I like the pants.



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