Project #40: Safari-style jacket

Project: Safari Jacket
Pattern: McCall’s M5396, pockets from Ottobre Woman, 2/2006 #16
Size: 12 with minor alterations to bust
Fabric: JoAnn’s  cotton twill in tobacco lined with a rayon print

Finished, Unbuttoned

Finished, buttoned

Finished, back

All done!  I’ll be able to wear this right through the dead of winter.

While sewing, I changed a few of my plans for the jacket:

  • The epaulets:  They were just wrong on top of the yoke.  I put them in at first but didn’t like them.
  • The back:  Debbie mentioned that I had added the back waist elastic when I said I wouldn’t.  After I made the belt loops and started to position them, I realized that the belt would cover the top edge of my lower pocket flaps.  Since the back had to controlled, I added elastic all the way across–unlike the original pattern which had it just in the center.  The epaulets, which would have been tossed, worked great back there.

The color is a new one for me.  It’s about the same as my inspiration jacket, and comes off the orange color card–making an analogous color scheme with my skin, hair and freckles. ;-)

I’m getting ready to begin work on my interpretation of the other pieces from the inspiration ensemble.  Hopefully they will all work with the jacket.

If not, well, they’ll each give me a starting point for another outfit!

6 thoughts on “Project #40: Safari-style jacket

  1. Lovely! I’ve been following the progress of this jacket with much interest. The endresult is gorgeous. If it was mine I would never take it off again!

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