You can take away my Lands’ End catalog, but…

I still have Lands’ End/Boy Scout/Prison Matron tastes.

You sewing wo/men who follow fashion and make those gorgeous outfits in the right colors and up-to-the-minute fabrics amaze and inspire me.  I’m awestruck when I see your color-blocked outfits, your cigarette pants, your perfect accessories, and your mile-high shoes.

Sometimes I even think I want to be like that.

But no.

All it takes is a single photograph from Lands’ End to send me into ensemble euphoria.  This one:

I can see myself wearing this on almost any occasion during the crisp days of fall–from speech therapy to UMW to doctor’s appointments to Wednesday night supper to ASG meetings.  I’ve already begun poring over my Evernote pattern catalog to select patterns for my similar-but-unique pieces!

The shirt jacket puts me in mind of my old brown jacket that I loved so much.  It’s still hanging threadbare in my winter closet, since I’ve never successfully replaced it.  I’m definitely going with the four-pocket front, but I may simply copy the essence of this style.  I’m considering using Robyn’s recent jacket choice, Ottobre Woman 2/2006, substituting #16, which already includes appropriate pockets.  I like the open lapel of this style, since it will play nice with a variety of shirt collars.  I fear the Lands’ End collar would be aggravating unless I wore it with t-shirts all the time.

The shirt has a button placket that goes about halfway down.  That might be an interesting adaptation to one of my shirt patterns, and not difficult to do.

The pants, well, I won’t be wearing knit pants out and about in fall.  That feels too much like the gym and seems a tad chilly, but I’ll decide on a reasonable woven facsimile.

The bag is navy suede and $168.  Unless I find it on sale and spring for the orginal, mine won’t be suede.

Shoes?  I had some Clarks like these years ago and wore them out.  Perhaps I’ll locate some more for Fall 2011.

Let’s just call my tastes “simple.”

5 thoughts on “You can take away my Lands’ End catalog, but…

  1. You mention your Evernote pattern catalog. I use Evernote, but haven’t seen a pattern catalog — can you amplify? Thank you. I love your blog and photos — very inspiring.

  2. The fun thing about sewing is you can make whatever makes you happy. The outfit is very “put together” and polished looking. No, it is not animal print and super skinny jeans, but there are lots people out there wearing the latest styles who should not be. Not every style is appropriate for every body… or lifestyle. I look at all those suits and fancy dresses in Burda and think “not for me.” That’s just not the life I lead… and that is okay.

    Can’t wait to see your version. You will look fabulous!

  3. I’m laughing out loud in total understanding. I’m so uncool but still pretty darn put together. I do wonder sometimes what proportion is a function of my casual social life and what is just my personality.

  4. Oops! I didn’t read far enough down! Thanks for the shout-out. I like that outfit you picked out, too!

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