Project #32: Kwik Sew 3342 Nightgown

In the interest of continuing to plow through cut projects, I decided that I should have a new nightgown to sleep in last night.

Kwik Sew 3342

The pattern calls for stretch lace to finish the edges, and I had some, but it was white.  Since these projects are all about stash busting, I fully intended to use what I had!

The tricot was sort of medium emerald green, and wouldn’t look great with white lace.   So I could either use some other finish or change the colors.  Knowing that tricot generally takes regular old grocery store dye pretty well, I decided to throw fabric and lace into the dye pot together and see what came out.

The lace soaked up the dye like nobody’s business, and the tricot barely took any of it.  But that’s ok.  It blends.

And I sleep with my eyes closed.

Lace this wide (one inch) is really too wide for this style though the pattern envelope lists 1″ as the maximum acceptable width.  Sewn on, it wants to wave, and you can’t stretch it enough to make it lay flat without gathering the neckline of the garment.  If it was not stretch lace, I would have taken some little cuts and zig-zagged it back together to make it behave, but I’m not sure what that would do to stretch lace.

No matter.   Like I said, I sleep with my eyes closed.

I changed one thing about the pattern.  It had you making slits or vents on the side seams and mitering the lace there.  I decided that was more effort than I wanted to put into a(n ugly) nightgown and simply cut off two inches of the length and sewed on a flat row of lace.

This was a quick, easy project, and netted me another cool summer nightie.  After a thorough sleep test, I give it a thumbs up!

3 thoughts on “Project #32: Kwik Sew 3342 Nightgown

  1. I actually think this gown came out well enough to sleep with your eyes open. Or, maybe not, but good enough to wear to breakfast the next morning. Great idea to dye.

  2. A test sleep… ROTFL! What a good tip on just shortening a summer nightgown rather than fussing with lace corners. Cheers.

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