Project #31: Vogue 1167 Tank

One more time!

20110613 Finished

I’ve made this tank three times now, I believe–purple, white and green.  This one was the result of having just enough fabric leftover from another top.  It’s a nice little wardrobe filler and can be worn all year round as a layering piece or underwear.

This newest one is special.   It’s my first ever successful turn-under-and-hem neckline and armholes.

First E-VAH!

Now I know that this is the way that lots of patterns will tell you to finish knits. I cannot even express the horror I feel when I read about someone hemming a knit neckline with a straight lockstitch.

I can hear the stitches popping now, not to mention the visual horrors:  bunching, pulling, roping, and stretching.  Now I’m not saying that it can’t be done.  There are plenty of better seamsters out there than me, but it wouldn’t be simple to get a nice finish on most knits.

I always bound my knits.  Besides being simple, it looked neat and stretched going over my head. It’s more work, but it’s a nice finish.

That is so over.

My wonderful coverstitch machine has changed my life.

Coverstitching neckline

Coverstitching close

Without spending any more time kicking my own b*tt over not buying it sooner, I’ll just say that this finish is much neater, flatter, and lighter-weight than *anything* I’ve ever achieved before.

Rustybobn + BLCS2 = ❤❤❤❤❤!!!!

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  1. coverstitch makes knits look so much more professional. btw, that top fits perfectly. hope you have a good copy of that pattern stashed in case the original ever goes missing. :)

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