Project #22: Marrakesh pants

Let’s call this photographic evidence only. I’m going to Curves in a bit and am already dressed for exercise. Once I put my lace up shoes on, I can’t take them off until I return from the gym!

Finished pants

The pants are great, and will get a lot of wear, I’m sure.  They are my favorite fabric for summer pants, a light taupe linen. I did replace the contour waistband with a straight one, which made the band itself less bulky, but more rippled from the elastic.

Trade offs.

After I replaced the waistband, I pounded on a size 24 snap to close it, gave them a blind hem and called it a day.  Linda T said that she put the elastic in the back of her Marrakesh pants.  That’s a good idea and I might try it when I make another pair someday.

That empties all my project boxes.  I’ve got three 1/2 yard lengths of Ponte Roma–the non-lycra stuff that they make cheerleader uniforms from.  I’m hoping to whip out some gym shorts tomorrow and then join the Jeans Sew-Along at Male Pattern Boldness, already in progress.