Treading water

There will be no more sewing until after my retirement party tomorrow, so I thought I’d show you some vintage patterns I bought last week.

A new-to-me vintage pattern store, Stitches and Loops, was featured on A Dress A Day.  I loved and *needed* the featured pattern, which was naturally already sold.   No problem, there were plenty of others!  I promptly plopped this lovely in my cart:

Simplicity 1945

And looked around some more.  Then this one grabbed me, and it too fell in the cart:

Simplicity 2871

At that point I was done, but then I noticed that you’d get free shipping if you bought *three* patterns.  I was certain I could find another one–but it had to be a cheap one!

Since I’m always wanting to sew a jacket (but seldom do), I decided to look for shawl collared jackets.  Perusing the list I found this likely subject (for sale here):

McCall's 6458

I liked it very much, but it was too expensive to be a shipping foil.  I kept looking and found this (on the site here):

McCall's 3544

Now look closely at the two patterns.  See any similarities?  They are exactly the same, just 10 years apart!  The first one is from the 1940s with shoulder pads and more sophisticated styling.  The second one has natural shoulders and 1950s styling, but the jacket fabrics and even their position in the drawings are the same!

Too funny!  It’s a timeless style, don’t you think?  The 1950s version flew into my cart.

All three patterns are now resting from the journey, which was lightning fast, and the little jacket pattern is being prepped for tracing.


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  1. Lovely patterns. I adore styles from the 1940’s. Could you share how you deal with vintage patterns that have large shoulder pads? I realize I can’t just leave them out, but how do I deal with these patterns?

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