Uh, can I borrow yer snow plow?

The university is closed yet again.  And they announced it around 3 o’clock yesterday.

That never happens.


They always give you time to get a shower, wash your hair, put on your socks, grab your keys….

*then* they announce it.

And sure, if we lived somewhere else, 6 inches of snow that didn’t melt in one day–or even start to melt–wouldn’t be any big deal.  But here, in the land of 50 degree winter days, it is huge.  So I stay in and sew.



Well!  I made remarkable progress on the jacket yesterday, though I did not finish.  I did install the bound buttonholes.  SDBev said I must be brave to put bound buttonholes on the boucle….

Brave, foolhardy, rash–something like that.  The smart thing to do would have been to apply some sort of sew-on closure or leave it as a wrap.  No.  Buttonholes it must be, but I was afraid to even try my regular buttonholer–I knew it wouldn’t control that fabric enough.

I first considered the patch method, but couldn’t manipulate the tiny squares of fabric to form the lips–too ravel-y.  Fortunately I happened to read Lori’s blog post about her new cape and saw her reference to Claire Shaeffer’s method in High Fashion Sewing Secrets, so I used that method and managed to make it work.

Bound buttonholes Little satin windows clipped and turned.

On the facing side, I made little windows with the satin lining.  (Click on either photo to go to the Flickr set and see more of the riveting buttonhole saga!)  Today I hope to match them up and stitch them together.

I’m very close to the finish line!

4 thoughts on “Uh, can I borrow yer snow plow?

  1. LOL, you really are brave or fool hardy. Actually, I thought that’s not a boucle. It just looks like boucle. Nobody would do boundbuttonholes on boucle, would they? Glad to see that they are turning out well. It’s difficult but not impossible to do.

  2. Hi, I have been reading your blog for about two months now. I looked but could not find a name or place identified on your website, so decided you are protecting your privacy. But for the second day you have mentioned that your university is closed. Well, so has my university, so I am assuming that you are in the south just as I am. BTW — I just got word that we will be closed again tomorrow. If you are willing to share, email me. I am just curious. . . promise not a stalker. Check my website to see who I am if you wish. I will respect your privacy if I do not hear from you.

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