Expo Goodies!

Yesterday, though great fun, was exhausting.  Being too excited to sleep the night before coupled with the fact that my knees simply can’t walk around that much,  I’m a bit stiff and lethargic today.  Thank goodness I hadn’t planned to go back today.

I took three classes:

  1. The Gap! with Peggy Sagers
  2. Win the Battle of the Butt with Lorraine Henry
  3. Jackets: Shortcuts to Classic Tailoring with Kathy Ruddy

and I bought goodies:

Patterns 40in Flexible Curve New edition! Patterns

Most of my goodies were the result of taking one class–Win the battle of the Butt with Lorraine Henry.  It was fantastic!  I feel so empowered that I can scarcely concentrate on anything else today.  I want to dive right in to altering a pants pattern.

But I’ll try to wait.

There are priorities, after all.

I picked up a few tips from the tailoring class–mostly about shoulder pads.  Kathy Ruddy showed us many iterations of the same jacket–why *do* we flit from pattern to pattern the way we do??

The other class, well, let’s just say I’m skeptical.  I already knew most of the things Peggy Sagers went over, and the ones that I didn’t….skeptical.    Yes, I’m certain that she has much more knowledge and experience than I have, but I think there’s more to it than what we went over in class.  For example, she had several class members come up and show armhole gaps in the tops they were wearing.

She would fold out a bust dart and make the gap disappear.  Though there were no wrinkles, there was this long floppy armhole which ended near the wearer’s waistline.  What do you do about that mess?  Those women wouldn’t be able to raise their arms.  Plus she didn’t really address what to do in the back now that the front side seam was shorter than the back sideseam.


She held that the original unstitched bust dart was at the hem. (Perhaps hers are.)  The demonstration only served to confirm my original opinion, gleaned from using PatternMaster, that it is in the armhole.   Rotate it out of the armhole and fix the sleeves.

It’s a house of cards, isn’t it?

No wonder there are so many quilters.

Saturday I’m going back for two more Lorraine Henry classes:

  1. Fit: Measure Like a Master
  2. Pattern Alteration Principles and Procedures

If they are nearly as good as the one I took yesterday, I’ll count this expo as wildly successful.

6 thoughts on “Expo Goodies!

  1. (wishing I were there!)
    I’ve come to pretty much the same conclusion about those gappy armholes; w/sleeves, it doesn’t matter much. Just need to work on my dart rotation skills. ;)

  2. I bought Peggy Sagers dvd series and also Connie Crawfords in which she tells you why you should not fix it the way Peggy Sagers (not her specific just that method) does it is incorrect. I guess we just have to decide what works for us.

  3. I adore classes by Lorraine Henry! I was fortunate to get into one of her 3 needle classes at the Puyallup Sewing Expo, two weeks ago. She ran out of the book you purchased, so I am patiently ;) waiting for mine to arrive in the mail. I have my Fabulus Fit book out, along with my 1/2 scale patterns and the binder we worked on, in our class. I so enjoy her information and style of teaching. In my opinion, she is a class act! :)

    Enjoy your classes,


  4. Beth, I love my 40″ flexible curve ruler. It really helps in seeing where the pattern deviates from my shape (of course, it’s not me that deviates, lol).

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