Disaster averted!

Burda 11/08 #125 line drawingYou’ll be relieved to hear, I’m sure, that I finished the top that was threatening to become a UFO.  It was #125 from Burda World of Fashion November, 2008. (Click on the image at left to go to the archive page at Burda.)

I raised the neckline on my version, but otherwise left it pretty-much as-drafted in the magazine.  The neckline is lower on me than it appears to be on Bruhilde, but nowhere near the chest-baring lowness of Burda’s draft.

One thing you can’t see in the magazine is the yoke treatment in the back.   That appealed to me, of course, and probably is the whole reason I chose to make the top.  Now that I have finished, however, I don’t like that seam so much.  I can’t really say it’s tight, or stiff, but when I’m wearing the top I notice it.  When I pull my arms forward, I can feel it.  I sewed the seam with a very narrow zig-zag so that it would stretch, but perhaps it doesn’t stretch enough.

Front of finished top Back of finished top

This fabric is a remnant of Cool Max that I’ve had for several years now.  I’ve made a couple of tops and two or three pairs of shorts from it. This is the last of it, and I’m glad.  The shorts worked out great, but I haven’t really liked either top due to it’s lack of stretch.

OK, perhaps I should reserve judgment on this one until I actually *wear* it.  ;-)

2 thoughts on “Disaster averted!

  1. Oh, I hope you like it better once you’ve worn it. I really like your version. It caught my eye in the magazine but I haven’t made it up yet. The higher neck looks like a good plan, better take that into account AND the two-tone color – Love it !

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