Getting Curvy

Ottobre yoga pantsRight before I crossed the big 5-0 mark on July 4th, I joined CURVES.  It seemed the thing to do, ’cause I can drive there, work out,  and be back home in about 45 minutes.  So, three times a week I go and work my way around the circle.  I pull and push and moan and groan and pant.  I’m enjoying it and feel happy to have made a positive step toward fitness.  My body is responding by getting bigger and heavier.

N-I-C-E <sneer>

I’m not complaining (really, I’m not).  I didn’t join CURVES to lose weight.  I joined because I’m so out of shape and because I have so little opportunity for exercise these days.  I’ll persevere and surely one day my waistline measurement will start decreasing. It’s only been six weeks.  I’m sure I’ll start seeing (desirable) results soon…


Meanwhile, I have to have exercise clothing.  (You knew I’d get around to something sewy here, right?)

You may recall my adventures with Kwik Sew 3115 over the last few years. When I started thinking about exercise (aka “yoga”) pants, I first thought of these.  I recalled being less than thrilled with the fit of them, however, so I looked around for another pattern and came up with a style from Ottobre.

I’ll let you read my review, if you like, to see the fit alterations I made.  I’m happy with them.  They are wonderfully comfortable and keep my knees hidden from view as I prance around the CURVES circle.

But I liked the Kwik Sew waistband better, so I copied it for my second pair.  I cut a rectangle 4 1/2 inches wide by 30 inches long, stitched the short ends to form a circle, sewed the 3/8ths inch elastic in a circle and applied it the way Kwik Sew does.  Then I sewed it onto my 2nd pair of Ottobre pants.  I like these, too, though in wearing, I’ve got to say that I don’t notice the difference.

#2 waistband

Right now I’m working on a Burda WOF exercise top.  It’s navy and light blue, so it matches neither of these pants.  Looks like I might need one more pair.


5 thoughts on “Getting Curvy

  1. What *is* it about turning 50? I read the MOST depressing thing while waiting in the orthodontist’s office the other day…that post-menopausal women who exercised gained abdominal fat at a SLOWER RATE than did their non-exercising peers. It didn’t say they lost fat or even maintained their fat ratios. It said they gained it more slowly. And this was supposed to encourage us to exercise. If I’m gonna exercise and STILL gain weight…maybe I’ll just skip it and eat a hot fudge sundae. At least I’ll enjoy the weight gain process a little…. :D

    Your pants look great, BTW ;)

  2. Just remember, muscle takes up less space than fat. So you will still be thinner.

  3. Beth,
    Hope all is okay with you and your dh!
    The pants are cute! I’m thinking I should make the kwiksew one I bought a while back (rolling eyes)
    Hey, at least I’m exercising. And Lisa, I’d hate to think what I’D look like if I didn’t regularly do so. (shaking head back and forth)

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