Repeat after me: Polyester is Nasty

Test pants #2

Let’s face it, if these were made out of a natural fiber, they’d look great.  Made up in polyester, they show every wrinkle and it’s impossible to press them all out.

My alterations proved to be quite successful.  Trouble is, they’ve taught me that I don’t really like pants like this.  It took two pairs to convince me, but there it is.

I took photos from all angles, and believe me, there’s no denying that “to the waist” pants are more flattering on me. There’s a nice horizontal waistband at my narrowest point on natural waistline pants.  On these, it’s horizontal at a place that’s as wide as my hip.  From the side, I actually stick out there.  Yuck!  There’s no clue that I actually have a waistline above that waistband somewhere.


I’m thinking I’ll take the lower portion of these and graft my self-drafted skirt on from the hip up.

I won’t be doing it this week, though.  I’m headed south in a little while and won’t be back before Friday.  I’ll get started on a plaid straight skirt and a black Franzi vest when I get back.

Happy Thanksgiving!  or simply, Happy week! if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving this week.

2 thoughts on “Repeat after me: Polyester is Nasty

  1. It’s just a different look than the ones to the waist. If they are comfortable just wear the shirt tail out if you feel they look strange with the shirt tucked in. Perhaps a sweater would be good with these also. I bought rtw pants of all sorts recently and all the different styles look and fit a bit weird but I wear them anyway since I was getting desperate for new ones. They are all cut so different from what I presently own. Happy Thanksgiving back to you and have a safe trip.

  2. Teddy behind you seems to be ready to administer sympathy hugs to lower polyestor-induced stress levels.
    I think the whole dropped waist phenomena is pushed by manufacturer profits. Women with unusual hip-waist ratios can buy pants just by the high-hip measurement, so one size fits more women, and there is less material to pay for (less fabric, shorter zippers)… well, just my pet theory.

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