1. mari

    It’s just a different look than the ones to the waist. If they are comfortable just wear the shirt tail out if you feel they look strange with the shirt tucked in. Perhaps a sweater would be good with these also. I bought rtw pants of all sorts recently and all the different styles look and fit a bit weird but I wear them anyway since I was getting desperate for new ones. They are all cut so different from what I presently own. Happy Thanksgiving back to you and have a safe trip.

  2. Katharine in Brussels

    Teddy behind you seems to be ready to administer sympathy hugs to lower polyestor-induced stress levels.
    I think the whole dropped waist phenomena is pushed by manufacturer profits. Women with unusual hip-waist ratios can buy pants just by the high-hip measurement, so one size fits more women, and there is less material to pay for (less fabric, shorter zippers)… well, just my pet theory.

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