Ripping and restitching

I had the dubious pleasure of ripping the first neckline I sewed onto the Sprout’s Rose Top. The two layers–tulle over cotton-lycra jersey–didn’t want to play nice. The cotton lycra insisted that it would wrinkle and stretch under the tulle and make unattractive ripples.

So I removed it, recut and resewed. This time, despite the ripply effect of the flash, it looks very good.

I cut a layer of cotton lycra and stabilized it with a non-stretch interfacing. Next I applied the tulle, stitching outside the seam allowances to keep that in place. Finally, I used a polyester satin for the facing, which made the whole thing work.

The Sprout hasn’t tried it on yet, so I’m hoping it fits properly. In her absence, Brunhilde agreed to model for you.

Rose top, finished

2 thoughts on “Ripping and restitching

  1. beautiful color. i think you (and sprout) will find that neckline very flattering. glad you figured out a way to make the fabric behave. :)

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