It’s like watching grass grow

Mr H is doing well most days.  He’s very slowly regaining speech and muscle control, though he’s far from recovered.  He’s been able to pucker up and give me a kiss for about two weeks now–one of my favorite accomplishments so far, I must say!

Thank you all so much for your prayers, well-wishes, emails and messages.  They really mean a lot.  At this point, he’s well enough that I’ve been able to steal a few minutes to sew here and there. Woo hoo!!

DressThe night before the stroke I had fitted the popular Burda World of Fashion Flounce sleeve dress from the January 09 issue.  About three weeks ago, I finally started to sew it.  It took two weeks for me to finish, but with a few minutes here and a few minutes there, I finally completed it.

When I fitted the dress, I had not intended to change any of the details. I was planing to use the flounce sleeve and the vee neckline just as published in the magazine. My fabric, however, was a beefy cotton-lycra from a co-op, and I feared that the flounce sleeve would not hang nicely.

Besides that, it would be out of style next season.

I changed the neckline to a scoop-neck simply to make the binding easier to apply.


As many reviewers noted, the dress needs a little waistline definition.  A belt with a knit dress only emphasizes my tummy, so I didn’t quite know what to do.  Turns out the dress wanted a jacket, so when my Mom arrived the week before last I started fitting McCall’s M5668.

I’ve had the pattern every since I saw Linda T’s version last fall.  I really liked the wing shawl collar and the absence of a front closure on the simple-to-sew jacket.  Nancy Zieman’s instructions were a nice plus to this one.

Nancy divides the instructions into 10-20-30 minute segments.  Most of them were generous time estimates, IMO.  I managed to line my jacket without exceeding her time estimates for the unlined version.  I’m pleased to report that I finished the jacket in about a week.

My navy linen/rayon blend fabric came from Dana Marie Design Company–it’s her Brussels Washer linen, and I really like it.  I got her anti-static lining while I was at it.  Both are nice basic fabrics and worked well for this style.  The lining helps the linen slide neatly over the cotton-lycra knit dress–I couldn’t wear them together without the lining.

My free time had to be spent sewing, so no taking construction photos or notes, but I did take time this morning to photograph the finished garment.


As for the blog, well, I can’t predict how often I’ll be able to post.  Most of my blogging will continue to be done over at Mr H’s Caring Bridge site–he’s my No. 1 Top Priority.  When I get to sew, however, I’ll try to post here.

I really need to sew–my closet is begging!