Fitting Simplicity 3918

Last night I finished up with the tissue fit for Simplicity 3918, view E.  I’m getting better at this tissue-fitting thing and seem to be closer to hitting the mark on my first try.

Simplicity 2938 worked out pretty well on the first try, and is certainly wearable–I wore it earlier this week.  Although I did change a few things for next time.

On this new top, I

  • Traced a size 10 at the shoulder and neckline and swung the armscye out to the size 14 at the underarm.  Swinging out to the 14 gives me needed width without my having to slice and dice my pattern so much.
  • Added 1/4″ to 3/8″ bust adjustment–I don’t know why someone my size needs this, but it seems I always do.
  • Added 2″ across the lower back at the hip. (With the lower portion of this top being bias, I really want that to be large enough. )
  • Sliced a wedge out of the outer shoulder and added a shoulder dart like this:  Back shoulder adjustment

Those four alterations make the tissue look perfect.   We’ll see what they do for fabric soon, but I’ll be away for a few days, so don’t expect too much before next week.

What’s next?

Now that I’ve finished my handbag entry, it’s time to start thinking seriously about the Mini-Wardrobe challenge–er, contest. My mind is pretty set on Option 3: 1 bottom, 1 dress or jumper (overdress), and 2 tops. I’ve also settled on fabrics, I think.

Ivory Linen

Ivory Linen, which will most likely be another pair of Almost Perfect Slacks.

Tan linen

Tan, open weave linen, which will be another McCall’s M5396 Jacket.

Ivory Silk

Ivory textured silk, blouseweight. I haven’t measure this one to be sure it’s enough for the pattern I have in mind: Simplicity 3918, view E.

Cotton print

(Updated photo)  Cotton print that looks great with the tan linen. This will be a shirtdress, McCall’s M4769, View C.

If it turns out that there’s not enough of the Ivory silk for my blouse, it may change my plan to Option 1: 2 bottoms and 2 tops – 1 may be a jacket. Or I may find a different top pattern.

I’m making that tan jacket, one way or another.

Fun with Paperclay

Head with some paperclay featuresI don’t like flat faces on dolls.

I just don’t.  Not on my dolls, anyway.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t learned to paint them well enough.  Maybe it’s because my painted eyes always come out two different sizes and look a little traumatized.


Perhaps I should approach learning to paint them well as a personal challenge.


But not today.  This is what I want to do.

I’ve seen plenty of doll artists who make their faces out of some sort of messy-doh–either modeling paste, or gesso, or a clay of some sort.  Then they smooth it over and paint.

It looks like fun to me!


I politely yanked Miss Bleuette’s head off her body and proceeded.  That is *not* part of the class.  I am proceeding strictly by diving in and a little web research, which seems to be my method for learning experiencing most things I get into.  You know–the hard fun way.

I began with a couple of layers of messy mix, as described on this blog.  Then I sketched in the approximate position of the features and started with the paperclay.  At this point, I’ve put on two layers of paperclay with drying time between.

When I’m happy with the way that looks, I’ll gesso, sand, gesso, sand, and paint.

I’ll let you know when that’s all done.  ;)

Almost Perfect Pants, take 2

Almost Perfect Pants Just so you know, I’ve not been fiddling with the bag since last week without accomplishing *anything*! My olive green Almost Perfect Pants were done by Saturday afternoon, and I actually wore them last weekend.

That’s why I had to wait for them to go through the laundry before I could photograph them.

Belt loops were a cause of debate when I reached that point in the sewing process. I’m wearing a lot of belts or belt-substitutes lately, but I haven’t yet needed loops for them. I finally decided that belt loops would almost force me to wear a belt and they’d show if I wore the pants with a top on the outside.

So, no loops.

Oh! A funny thing that ties in with some of the topics I’ve read on the sewing boards lately:

I’ve commented before on the running dialogue that Mr H and I have on the way to work and home most days. Usually it is about the dress of people along the street. Today we were stopped behind a bus and some students were getting off and crossing the street. A gorgeous female student with a perfect figure wearing snug jeans and one of those baby doll tops walked in front of the car.

I was thinking “She sure has pretty hair” when Mr H said “I don’t know why a girl would want to dress in a top that makes her look pregnant.”

I told him that many in the sewing community felt the same way–at least those of us who’ve seen it before. It’s nice when Mr H and I and the sewing community can all agree!