Cutting it close

Des in her chemise and drawersConsidering that my magazine entry form has to be postmarked by March 1, this project is coming right down to the wire. That’s generally the way I work.  I should start from a sketch and stick to it.  That way I have a target instead of bumbling along changing things right up ’til the very end.

I do think it’s pretty silly that they don’t have you submit digitally over the ‘net. Think of the transcribing and the re-scanning they’ll have to do with the entries they publish.

It’s not that I have my heart set on winning, just on participating.¬† When my troll was published in the magazine, I was thrilled and I will be if this one gets in there.  My mother was tickled, too, and went out and bought her own copy of it.

Since the Yahoo! group is using this same doll as a challenge, I’ve already seen some *amazing* renditions of the pattern. Here’s one. I’m sure I’m not the only participant who is working away right down to the deadline.  There will probably be many lovely examples.

Des will, of course, be the prettiest one IMHO.

This is Des in her chemise and drawers. I worked on her shoulders a little so that her arms would hang down straighter.  Those are bits of her dress that you can see around her.  I’ve almost decided to put shoes on her–red shoes–but I’m still unsure.  The post office doesn’t close until 11:30am tomorrow…

Surfaces workshop

These are the samples I’m working on for Lesson 1 of my surfaces class at Joggles. At the rate I’m going, it’ll take me *years* to work through the remaining 4 classes. Of course I won’t be doing each and every project, but I plan to do at least one from every lesson. There are 2 or 3 separate samples/projects in each week’s class. It was a great value and I’m glad I went for it although I do wish I could have participated in the forums more.

Part of what takes so long with these is waiting for various elements to dry before you move on. When you’ve only got weekends and The Golden Hour to work, well, things take a long time to finish.

Anyway, this one will be the cover of a samples book, and I’ve done a bit more work on it since the photo was taken. This is many layers of “stuff” and there may be more. I’ve deviated a bit from our instructions at this point by adding a layer of Mod Podge. The class instructions didn’t include the Mod Podge, I just spied it on the back of my table and decided to put it on. I put it on too thick, and was initially disappointed in the way it looked.

We sewing women know that when you make a mistake, you should repeat it twice so¬† it becomes a design element. Now I’m liking it more than ever.

First sample

This next one is mostly tissue paper, ink, paint, and stamping. It’s got a thin coat of gel medium over it. I don’t know if it will be anything more than a sample. The class doesn’t have us making anything from it, but I might come up with a plan for part of it.

Sample 2:  Tissue paper

This is the one I’m most excited about, it will be a journal. I’ve still got quite a bit to finish on it. (Yes, I actually tore up a pattern for this!) If you click on the class link at the top of this post, you can see the finished class sample–top row, third photo.

Sample 3:  Sewing journal

Plenty good fun!

How much “stuff” does it take?


There so much hap’nin in the Bobbin workshop that I can hardly keep track. It (obviously) requires coffee, instructions, audio cassettes with multiple players, large sinkers, Pearl-ex powders, multiple bottles of Tacky glue, gesso, paints, brushes, mountains of tissue paper, sewing thread, pencils and a few cast-off neckties.

  1. Desireé’s costume is job 1
  2. I’m still working on lesson 1 of my surfaces class–Joggles has already delivered the final 4 lessons.  Yes I’m behind.
  3. The button mold stuff
  4. My altered McCall’s 5433 pattern keeps recommending stash fabrics for my 3rd shirt.

and then, of course, there’s the day job…

Open(ing) drawers

Yesterday I was reading the usual doll blogs and one of them linked to this Izannah Walker Reproduction doll dressed as Little Red Riding Hood.¬† While I still don’t understand why people admire Izannah dolls so much–I think the faces and the hair are most unattractive–I do generally like the clothing and body shape.¬† The ebay doll has neat open drawers, which made me want to make some.¬† Fortunately someone had not long ago posted a pattern for children’s drawers on VintageClothDollmaking which could easily be adapted to the purpose.

Open drawers

There was some muslin from an art project just begging to be used and I unearthed¬† some vintage cotton braid for the hemlines.¬† Can you see why they are called “open” drawers?¬† These fasten with a snap at the center back waist.¬† (I had planned to link you to some history, but I can’t find anything that I trust…)

These happen to fit Des.  Since there was a little scrap of trim left, I made her a camisole to match.

Des in underwear

If I continue with the old-fashioned outfit, I may replace the camisole with a long chemise.  The little drawers are really cute and the pattern, properly closed, would make nice capri pants for a modern girl.

I still don’t want to cover up her toes.

Rose McCall’s M5433

Rose blouse, finishedThe new rose blouse went to church, on a ride over to Kennesaw for lunch, home to the sofa for a nap, and all through the day–cooking, crafting, sewing. This photo was taken just after the nap…

Can you tell that I like it??

This 2nd try is quite comfy and I’m satisfied that if this is as good as it gets, I can stop. In fact, I’ve kept this version of the pattern intact so that I can go back to it, should my next set of alterations prove nothing.

I will nit pick the fit, of course. I’ve made some very slight changes for shirt #3, but that’s it.

  • 1/4″ more in the bust
  • A tiny (1/8″ or so) bit of length at the center front and smoothing out the front neckline curve
  • Reconfiguring the back width to narrow the back neckline without losing any of the total width.
  • Correcting the length of the collar and stand to match the smaller neckline
  • 1/4″ more back length at the shoulders
  • 1/4″ less back length at the waist
  • a little more work to control the flare of the hem and get more width in the back and less in the front
  • 1/4″ more height in the sleeve cap

and I’m done.