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Green Linen Skirt

Skirt worn with paisley top

Project: Nifty & Neat skirt with added pockets
Pattern: Ottobre Woman 2/2013, #4
Size: 40
Fabric: Linen blend

Got back in the sewing room yesterday to sew up my new skirt. I wanted to wear it to church this morning, and managed to push through and finish.

Of course I changed a couple of things. ( :rolleyes: )

Obviously I added some pockets, and I couldn’t think of a reason in the world to line this skirt so I didn’t. The pockets are rounded with pleats and hold a cell phone handily.

Added front pockets

After I constructed the pockets, I held them in place on the skirt to decide where to put them. I was a little worried about the gathers interfering with the pocket openings, but they look fine. (Probably my tum jutting out at just that spot helps a lot.)

Speaking of the gathers, I was tempted to skip them. The darts are marked on the pattern so that you can add them to the lining. It would have been very easy to sew those on the skirt instead of the gathers. In the interest of following the magazine as much as possible, I used them.

In back I installed the invisible zipper incorrectly. It went in easily enough, but I finished off the back waistband entirely wrong due to my apparent inability to follow written instructions. I searched the instructions over several times trying to figure out what to do, but finally gave up and finished it as I would a lapped zipper. It’s okay, but bringing the zipper up to the top of the waistband (PROPERLY!) would have been much better.


I feel kinda stupid now that I’ve located the instructions… :blush:


It won’t stop me from wearing and liking the skirt!

Salvage job

Project: Chambray skirt
Pattern: Simplicity 5723
Size: 14 1/2
Fabric: 100% cotton from stash

Some projects just don’t turn out like you planned. Agreed? This is one of those

Chambray skirt

It being summer and my requiring appropriately-pocketed dresses had me perusing sewing blogs for inspiration.  I found this 1964 vintage dress pattern at A Dress A Day, and it looked perfect–not too full, waistline seam, cap sleeves.  All I had to do was add some pockets, which I’ve done plenty of times.

An Etsy vendor offered the pattern in my size and I quickly clicked “Add to cart”. When it arrived, I *knew* I had found the holy grail of summer dresses.

When something seems to be too good to be true, it usually is, right?

The completed dress was the most unflattering rag I have put on in a long time!  I joke about having prison matron tastes, but that dress was beyond anything even *I* could consider wearing outside my sewing room.  Though it looked a lot like the vintage Vogue 7618 dress I made a while back, it was much less flattering thanks to the higher neckline and the plain chambray fabric.

The offensive beast didn’t hit the trash can immediately because I loved the skirt!  Like any sewing wo/man with a sharp seam ripper, I considered the options:   I could recut the bodice from a flattering pattern.  I could modify the neckline.  I could sew on a scarf to decorate the boring neckline.

In the end, the easiest thing to do was to simply cut off the bodice and let it be a skirt.

Now I’m back on the hunt for a summer dress pattern with pockets.  I’ll let you know if I come up with anything.


Projects 20 and 21: Jacket and skirt


Finally!!!  I was beginning to think I’d never finish these two pieces.

The Butterick 5617 jacket turned out fine though I doubt I’ll make another.  I’ve got other jackets that I like better.  I really don’t like the wide placket and those big buttons.  Plus, the neckline fights with jewelry.

I do like the boxy loose fit, and the pockets.

In the end I eliminated most of the sagging in the back, and the culprit is definitely my round back.  See it here on Brunhilde:

Round back

That roundness about 4 inches down from the shoulder seam at the princess seamline pulls that portion of the jacket up, causing pulls or sags on the outside of the garment back.  I alleviated the issue by letting the center portion of the back shoulder seam down as much as I could–probably 1/4 inch or so.  If I wanted to make this again, I would add some length to the pattern at the point of the roundness.

The skirt was simple.  This is the same Ottobre Woman “Debra” skirt that I made before.  It’s perfect skirt, IMO.  It fits great and is slightly a-line, but not much.  This time, I left off the pockets, changed the gathers to darts, and added a lining.  I wish I had shortened it an inch or so to make the jacket-to-skirt-length ratio better.

I wore the outfit on Mother’s day with the requisite corsage and the white Vogue 1167 tank.  Ehh.

May 8, 2011

It looked ok, but the outfit is not a winner.  I hope to find other ways to wear these pieces that will be more striking. I spent so much time trying to pin on that silly orchid that I didn’t have time to try out different tops and accessories.

Sometimes getting dressed is so hard.  ;-)   LOL!

March 2011 Projects

February’s cutting spree produced fruit!  There’s one cut project left, but I’ll get to it in April.

Finished bag 1. Cross body Bag sewn from Studio Kat’s Bellagio Bag pattern
Front full length 2 & 3. New Pajamas sewn from McCall’s 6249
Front Mirror shot 4. 31-inch “Linen” skirt sewn from McCall’s 3341.
Mom's pants 5. Pants for Mom sewn from McCall’s M5239
Finished Front 6. Simple sleeveless dress sewn from Vogue 8667
Ottobre 2/10 #15 Front 7. 23″ gray twill skirt sewn from Ottobre 2/2010 #15.

Project #14: Ottobre Debra Skirt

There *was* sewing time and I *did* finish!  But there was no photography time….

So you get the dreaded hanger shot.  Sorry.

Ottobre 2/10 #15 Front Ottobre 2/10 #15 Back

It turned out pretty well, though I would skip the little gathers next time.  There is absolutely no way to make them lay properly–at least none that I could discover.

I left off the belt loops, as I could think of no defensible reason to install them.  They are kind of like those gathers, cute but useless and possibly even detrimental to the overall effect of your outfit.

I did add that center front seam because IMO, a skirt with cargo pockets requires every bit of extra topstitching you can muster.  ;-)