FNSI Report

Project: Molly Monkey
Pattern: Free from mmmcrafts.
Finished size 21″
Fabric: Corduroy, felt

I really had fun on the sew-in this week! Molly Monkey was featured on the Fabric.com blog recently, and I happened to see it during my blog reading. I just had to make her myself.

Printing the pattern was a little strange. There’s no size square so that you know when you’ve printed it properly, so I tried first at 100%. That looked ok and was what I eventually used, but my printer didn’t print some portions of the pattern at that size. I tried two other scaling options, which printed nicely but looked small–usable, but small.

In the end I guessed at the missing lines and drew them in. That worked fine.

Now that I’ve sewn and turned the larger pieces, I’m really glad that I didn’t try to go with one of the options that printed “right.”

During the sew in last night, I made some arms, legs and a tail:

Legs, Arms, Tail

And a body:

Front & back

Made a head:

Face prior to stitching

Embroidered it:


Sewed it all together and turned it inside out:


And came up with a real cutie who’s ready for stuffing:

At the end of the FNSI

I (natch) changed a few things about the pattern and sewing order, so her tail’s not on yet.  I’ll get to that.

You can’t have a monkey without a tail.

Father Christmas

Almost done!

Father Christmas (He’s insisting that his name is “Ned” and that he’s Santa Claus’ brother–don’t ask me….)  is done but for something to hold in his right hand–perhaps a staff of some sort.

That might wait until next year.  He’s gracing my coffee table at present, and I’m perfectly happy to forget about searching out the perfect stick for him to hold.

(If you want to see a few more pictures from different angles, click the photo to go to the album.)

Besides trying to figure out what this guy’s story is, I’m busily cutting garments to sew with black thread next week.  So far there’s a jacket that I wanted to make for Christmas some year.  If I get it made early next week, I might wear it once this season.  If not, there’s always next year!

Besides that, I hope to cut pants for Mom, pants for me, a black velour cardigan, and a skirt.

We’ve got a little celebrating to do before any of that can commence, so I’ll get back in here next week!

Merry Christmas, y’all!

Status report

Got Hair

Father Christmas is pretty much done.  I’ve got his hair a little more finished than this, and glued to his head.  Mr H thinks he should have a red robe…

Well apparently I was going for a woodland Santa look when I bought the materials last year.

Who knows?

He must have some accessories, which should bring him more in line with Mr H’s stereotype.  I’ve been looking at Father Christmas images on the ‘net, and have some ideas.  I’m thinking a bag of toys and a Christmas tree, but I saw some cute fishing equipment in the doll house section of Hobby Lobby the other day.

A woodland Santa would look good carrying fishing stuff, wouldn’t he?

I’ll just tell Mr H that this is Santa’s day off.


Oh, and if you want to see the evolution of the costume and such, have a look at the Flickr set here.

Two heads


I always seem to make (at least) two.  Don’t know which of these I’ll use.

Just discovered that I don’t have any glasses for this doll.  Father Christmas MUST have spectacles, so that means a trek to town tomorrow.

Y’all have a good weekend!